I'm a very career oriented girl, and don't have a boyfriend.

I have one.

I'm a very career oriented girl, and don't have a boyfriend. I want one, but one particular problem keeps popping up. When I start to date a guy, it seems like he immediately decides if he likes me or not, and it takes me more time to figure out if it will work or not.

The main problem is that, if they like me, they become clingy. Like texting me every five minutes clingy. I can't handle that and do my work.

I make time to meet with them. I tell them exactly where they stand with me, if I'm dating other people. I tell them how long it usually takes me to like a guy too. I'm OK with them dating other girls at the same time as me. I do my best to make all of this very clear.

This has lead to some very bad accusations toward me. I've had a guy accuse me of cheating, and I wasn't even dating anyone else at the time, and I've had another send me threatening messages from across four states because I told him I needed space, which turned into him calling me names. I told him I was no longer interested in seeing him which then lead to the threats.

What should I do to find a guy who isn't going to do this? Is there something I'm missing?


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  • You spend wayyy too much time analyzing your partner.

    • I have to disagree. Evidently, I don't spend enough time analyzing them. Otherwise I would have known guy one was that insecure or that guy 2 could potentially become violent.

    • Then it would be very easy to come to a conclusion about a partner of there weren't many variables, right?

  • Well try to be more picky believe it or not and take your time.


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