My first date ever? What do I do, and what should I expect?

I'm 19, and my 27 year old guy friend has asked me out on a date. He has dated a lot of girls and been in quite a few relationships, but I've never even had a guy tell me he's interested in me (other than this guy) so I have absolutely no clue of what even happens on a date. I really like him, and he has asked me to hang out with him a lot but this is our first official date so I'm pathetically nervous. Thing is, because of our beliefs, the date is in view of entering a relationship with marriage in mind, so it's really important to us.

What do I wear? Casual or formal? Do I let him pay and say thank you, or tell him thank you but I can pay? It would be rude to just accept it like that wouldn't it? What kind of questions will he ask me? We both know we have the same values, but what questions do people normally ask? I don't want him to have to be just asking me the questions all the time- or will he expect to ask and me to answer? I mean, I kind of want to see if I could ever marry him too lol. We joke around a lot but talk about serious things too- should I expect this date to be all serious though? I have troubles looking him in the eyes when he compliments me and I say thank you. He says I'm the most adorable girl he's ever met, but will he get annoyed if I can't receive a compliment properly on our date?

Gahhh so many questions, sorry


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  • First of all with the age difference you should know that he more than likely has sex on his mind. That may not be true if he has been a long time friend. Dress for the occasion. if you're going to a nice place then dress nicely. If you're going to a starbucks, a movie, or sporting event then dress casually but feel free to doll yourself up a bit. Let his ask the questions since he asked you out on the date. Once he opens a topic of conversation you can relate to... go with it. Don't try to force conversation. That's the worst thing you could do. You either have chemistry or you don't. Typically on a first date the guy will try to pay for the meal if he considers himself classy but he may also ask if you want to split the bill. That's OK too. There is no wrong answer to that question.

    Lastly, don't think about marriage on the first date. Just try to have fun but be careful, older men have more experience and know how to take advantage of younger girls. Also whether or not you actually plan on having sex, bring some condoms with you just in case. you never know when you'll need them ;)

  • Dress accordingly to where you're going

    You can offer to pay if you want, but he really should be paying for the first date

    When accepting a compliment, force yourself to look at him in the eyes and say thank you

    Question part, guys normally take care of that. Just be sure to answer as completely as possible, and then ask him what he thinks


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