From dating to exclusivity, can I bring it up?

I've been seeing this guy for about a month. It's been pretty intense; meaning we see each other a few times a week, unless he's away for work, and we always sleep at each others' place. I've met his friends, he's met mine, we text each other, he cooks for me, hugs me in the morning, kisses me on my forehead, etc... and basically everything is going well. I do not have any reason to believe he's seeing anyone else.

We were just talking and he's randomly told me he doesn't have a problem being in a commited relationship (he wasn't talking about our relationship, just in general). He's asked if I still had my online profiles up within the first two weeks of dating (I do not) but he did not mention it would bother him; but I guess he was curious.

I'm not in love (yet, lol!) with the man, but I'd like to make our relationship exclusive. I have no interest (or time) to see other people. Even if we don't put a tag on our relationship, I would like to know if he's considering being exclusive. I just want to know where we stand and if he's dating or seeing other women. Is it ever OK for the girl to bring this up? I don't want to have a talk or anything, but basically I wanted to let him know I enjoy spending time with him and that I do not feel the need to see other people... And see how he reacts. Can I make a semi-joke out of this? Saying something like "Hey, this guy at the gym asked me out (true story)... it made me realize I enjoy spending time with you and have no interest in dating other people; what about you?"

Should I just wait it out since everything is going well and forget about my insecurities?

Thanks! :D


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  • If you're going to date someone, you sometimes need to bring up difficult conversations.

    On the scale of conversations you're going to have to have, this is about a 2 out of 10.

    If he freaks out because you bring it up, he's the wrong guy, might as well know now.

    Just ask.

    • Good answer.

    • That's also what I was thinking. I'd rather know now (or soon anyways) than in 4-5 months!

    • Anyone else? :D

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