Internet Dating Dilemma

So, I've been internet dating for a while. Just over a year to be precise.

Recently been experiencing a lot more replies to messages than usual. Current pattern is having a good few messages with almost immediate returns and then the girl in question suddenly stops. She's still surfing the site but doesn't reply to my messages.

As a result I thought the polite thing to do would be to write them one more message saying it was fun talking and I hope they find what they're looking for.

Here's the dilemma - I thought a girl who hadn't written back in about a week was gone as she was always around but never replied. So, I write the goodbye saying she was cool and stuff only for her to write back in a day giving me a compliment also.

I'd love to meet this girl and actually give things a go however I'm unsure on how to proceed. Do I go out on a limb and message her back or do I let it go?



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  • well first off never trust internet dating sites she maybe on and doesn't check her messages or perhaps she's not interested ask her

  • Well you'll never know if you don't try right? Ask her "honestly, would ever consider meeting me to.go on a date?"


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