Using reverse psychology, what the hell?

i mean, I'm guilty of this for sure!

He tells me he's going to a club with his sister and then he says he might not go and I tell him to go anyway Because it's "so fun" but I'm really totally jealous. I thought girls were the only one who did this though because when I was with him I got a call from a guy asking me on a date and I said I would think about it (of course I said no) and my crush insisted I went to the date and met this guy and instantly stood up and went to smoke. I told him later on that I wasn't going on the date and he just made a joke about it and smiled and that was it. I've recently met his roommate and we became good friends instantly and she told me she had some guy friends she wanted me to meet. (by the way, the guy and the roommate don't talk because they don't have a common language they can use to communicate) my guy just left to brazil for 2 weeks with his family so before he left I texted him that his roommate was taking me to a VIP party and she had some friends for me and also the girl was heart broken so we were gonna go out looking for "ass" for her and his answer was like "yeah! get laid, you guys! :)". I'm not sure if he's using the reverse psychology again to tell me what I shouldn't do while he's gone? I used to think it was pretty obvious he had a crush on me but his telling me to "get laid" caught me a little off guard. I mean, he was busy with his family for a week yet we didn't stop texting each other (keep in mind texting is super expensive in the country I'm at and he's broke as hell) and we've been drunk a few times and he's told me that I confuse him. he's very shy by the way. VERY shy but we hang out so much that he's starting to open up a little bit. He tells me I'm pretty but only through text because in real life he doesn't say much or he talks about other stuff.

so was he telling me that with a smiley face in the text but really telling me what I shouldn't do?


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  • Well this is kinda confusing, maybe he is doing other stuff while he is away? So it could be like well I'm out having fun, so you can do it too...That or your original idea, that being that he is just doing the reverse psychology thing. It is difficult to understand without seeing the persons expression or hearing their tone of voice. Sorry I can't be of more help, but I saw no comments so I wanted to give it a try. Good luck!

    • every time I tell him I'm going out with friends and we're together he tells me to have fun but as soon as I leave he texts me "be a good girl tonight :)" and stuff like that. that's why this confused me so much :P but thanks anyway!

    • If I were you, I would joke around with him just as much as he does with you...Give him a taste of his own medicine.

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