People say they hate games in dating, but is that really true?

both guys and women say they don't like "games". my answer is that they do, at least to some extent.

of course we all have our own definition of the word games. to me it means testing the other person with subtleties. I do not mean lying, cheating, being an a**hole/bitch or being fake about anything.

but relationships don't just form directly. some games are necessary. it's not like someone goes up to a guy/woman and says "here is a list of reasons why I would make a great partner for you; now sign this contract and we will officially be in a relationship". no! there are steps involved. and to have someone to be your boyfriend/girlfriend is a big thing. not just anyone can be your boyfriend/girlfriend but someone special.

this means letting go of initiative and not texting them to see if they'll text you back.

this sometimes means avoiding answering questions, and being a bit of a challenge to get a compliment from.

this sometimes means pushing and pulling the sexual tension a little bit.

yeah, we hate when we are challenged. but people who don't challenge us are just nice guys/nice girls who would be friends, but we aren't attracted to.

the mentality with dating is that there's 100's of people out there so I can set this guy/girl aside for a little bit and I won't lose anything out of that. so it's easy to take them for granted. but the idea that they can go at any time means you want to keep them there, even if you are 50/50 on whether you want them.

am I right or wrong? be honest.

oh and I give best answer to the answer with the best quality - not just on which one I agree with.


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  • I really wouldn't define what you said has games.

    I like to think of games has playing with someones feelings or emotions.


    a) leading someone on

    b) standing someone up


    What you stated I would most definitely consider to be,

    -The basic rules of dating-

    a)We set a standard for ourselves.

    b)We give room to allow the other person to reciporate if they are interested or not (this is how you can avoid being played if the other person is playing "games" with you.

    We follow these rules has a way to truly see if this person has the same interest in us or not.


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  • I agreed with your initial points. But you have to think ... How many of these "games" can one man/woman take?

    When you just start dating, these games can be fun and exciting but eventually it can become tiring especially if you play the same game with the same person for years. ( trust me this is possible.)

    So to answer your question. Do I hate games? short answer: No.

    In the long run, "games", in my opinion, don't equate to success in your relationships and constantly playing games is annoying and a waste of time.

    what do you think?

    • oh I agree entirely. "games" are the spice of relationship development. and too much spice is a BAD thing, but a little spice adds flavor.

  • It's dumb to play games. I dated this jerk who played games worst than a girl, it's a baby-ish and selfish way to test someone. I don't believe in that bullsh*t

  • I agree with you.


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  • Uh, no. I don't agree with anything you said. All that does is prove you're selfish. Girls who play games with me get thrown out like yesterdays trash, no exceptions. You're substituting meaningful, honest conversation for lame falacy tests that can only provide implications, not real answers. So you make it hard for her to get a compliment out of you. If she gets pissed or throws you out that doesn't mean she didn't like you or wasn't good for you, that means you were a d*** and deserve to be dumped. Your philosophy is completely wrong. You don't get what you want by being manipulative, and that's exactly what you're suggesting. That isn't a relationship. That's toying with someone's feelings. Disgusting.

  • I disagree--not that you actually asked it as a question, since you answered it yourself.

  • girls apparently seem to enjoy games, they want the guy to be a challenge, show and prove to the girl that he has other priorities other besides her

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