I asked her out for a 4th date, she said she may not be free, but told me why not have at a later date?

is this disinterest? or is it genuine?

she and I will be traveling back to our home country soon, and she said she was busy so why not do it when we get back.


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  • Can't really tell if she is genuine or not.

    Just tell her okay.

    If you really want to see if she is genuine or not wait until you two get back to your country.

    Let her take the intiative this time on letting you know when she is available to date.

    Sometimes we have to sit back and allow someone to show their interest so we can see if they like us back.


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  • it's hard to say what going on but if you made it to date four she can't be too disinterested or maybe she's trying to seem too eager like she's afraid if she accepts every invitaion you offer for a date the whole thing will fizzle fast so she's spacing it out so it lasts longer.

    • ok, yea we have went out 3 times over the one month. I've known her for only one month and a half.

      am I being too rush/suggesting too many dates?

      thanks for replying!

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    • You know what sucks? Girls read magazines and forums and self help books for the same exact reason and finally a guy (you) is showing interest and confused and she's acting like a guy like you can't win. I'd stop showing interest and see if that wakes her up and bit like hmm maybe I'm playing too hard to get or it might clarify how interesed she really is

    • ok, The thing is she's a Staunch Christian, so I'm not sure if she is more traditional/conservative. She may want guys to chase/ fufill the gender role.

      yea , may I ask would giving flowers on dates pass off as too strong? like roses? we are only at the 3rd date, so I don't want to pass off as too aggro

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  • Normally I'd say its a sign of disinterest or falling interest level...but since she seemed to make a counter offer for another time tells me she could be genuine.

  • shes testing you. Just don't go wussy over this. Just tell her its all fine and that you will talk later and then don't call her till she calls you back. Play some hard to get!


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