Why don't I like kissing?

So I've kissed around 3 guys and I didn't feel anything when I did. Before my first kiss, I expected a real sensation but it just felt like our lips are touching. I'm scared I won't feel anything when kissing other guys. Do I lack sex drive or is there something wrong with me? Share your experiences please? :)


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  • Nah...don't worry you are perfectly okey.

    Inner woman of yours is just rejecting those fellas. Perplexed? You bet.

    When a woman kisses a man, they exchange saliva. Saliva contains important information regarding man's genes, his health, immunity etc. Woman's brain decode all the information in less than 5 sec. If immunity and genes of that man are either compatible ot better than hers, then she will go ahead with the subconcious decision of bearing his offspring.

    Now, you don't feel good means you have got stronger genes than those guys and your operating system just denies for sexual relation or any relation at all.

    I hope this makes some sense. So don't worry. Cheers.

    • Seriously? :p That sounds a tad ridiculous.

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    • Nahh...thats totally cool.

      Thanks for the honor, by the way. :-)

    • :D

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  • There is nothing wrong with you at all. You are simply suffering the curse of being young. You thought too much about kissing and made unrealistic expectations about how amazing it would be. It happens to a lot of people. Trust me when I say that when you meet the right person and the chemistry is there, your kissing will send you to another world without even thinking about it! My best advice would be to stop thinking so much about it. Enjoy life and goof off while you are young and you still can. College is the time to experiment and push the limits.

  • How much did you like these guys that you kissed, because a lot of factors play into how much the kiss will mean to you. Is the guy your boyfriend? How strongly do you feel about him? What kind of setting and mood were you in? If you find a guy that's really attractive and that you really like, and you guys go out and have a really nice date night, you come home and watch a movie together and snuggle on the couch.. and you feel like all your worries disappear when you're with him and you never want the night to end.. AND THEN he goes for a kiss.. I guarantee the kiss will mean a lot more to you than someone you barely even like just giving you a little kiss on the lips. You're fine. Just find someone that you care a lot more about. You'll never get enough kisses when you find a person like that

  • It's more likely that you have elevated unrealistic expectations.

    I've seen this sort of thing before - people who expected fireworks, didn't get fireworks, thought there must be something wrong.

    They were so wrapped up in what they thought it should be, they didn't pay any attention to what it actually was.

    Believe it or not, I've seen the same with adult baptisms. People who thought they were going to feel the hand of God and be cleansed and revitalised and feel Satan under their heel as all their guilt and sin was washed away... and all they got was a wet head and profound sense of "Is that it?" followed by "I don't think it worked - I didn't feel anything"


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  • Lets say I've made out with over 20 guys and have felt something with about 3 of them. Out of those 3 guys I would consider dating, maybe 2 of them. In other words what Jason said could be true. :P

    • dear god... It's the strangest thing I've heard haha. :p

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    • Wow. I just did. I actually thought you were all joking haha. I never knew all this. It's so fascinating. :D

    • Yup :)!

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