Should I even bother to say something or just drop it?

Few weeks ago I was in some kind of a 'quintuple date' without even knowing it.

It were suppose to be a regular night out with my friends but it turned to be like... My cousin brought his (almost) girlfriend, his younger brother brought his girlfriend, our two mutual friends are like boyfriend-girlfriend too and my friend brought her boyfriend as well... a few other people were suppose to went there with us too but just one of them did...

He's my cousin's friend, and he hadn't stopped talking about him since my boyfriend broke up with me... saying stuff like ''he's a really good catch'' or ''I wouldn't mind to have him as my cousin''...

so, that night I ended up just having him to talk to... that ''forced date'' exceeded my expectations so much that he even asked for a real date.

our 2nd date was also really nice. Just Ice-cream a 3hours conversation.

the 3rd time we got together was just at the beach with our usual group of friends.

then he asked me to go to the movies with him... it was fine... but then, when he drop me home, he tried to kiss me!?

I mean, It's not that I didn't liked him, but I'm still wounded from my previous (kind of) relationship and I didn't wanna rush into another one. So, I just pretended that I didn't noticed his attempt to do it. and we ended up saying goodbye with a awkward wave to each other (no kiss on the cheek or hug or anything).

He didn't texted me again asking for another date (we had already talked about going to a water-park, and he went and didn't said a thing).

And, 2 nights ago, my friend saw him kind of flirting with another girl at a bar but then he texted me his usual ''hello, what are you doing?'' this morning...

I don't know if I should even answer it or just let him go... I just can't afford to be broken in pieces again...


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  • You've got to communicate. If you felt like you were not ready to take that step or felt rush say so. They way you left it would show disinterest. A guy would certainly feel as though you were uninterested and may take it rather personally because you had already gone out a few time's.

  • Well a kiss (of any kind) is pretty standard for a 3rd date. Definitely not rushing anything. When you rejected him without saying why, it probably hurt his ego and to save face, he decided to back off a bit.

    If you really like him, I would let him know exactly how you're feeling right now. If you're not feeling it, let him go, but I wouldn't assume that he's going to hurt you. I mean you had only been on 3 dates so it's not like yall were in a relationship or anthing, you just rejected his kiss, and I doubt your cousin would set you up with someone who has a history of cheating.


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