How long to wait after getting this girl's number?

It's not the typical situation... I met this girl two years ago where we really hit it off in a class we had together. Problem at the time was that she had a boyfriend. We talked every day in class and I walked her home every day too. But she wouldn't give me her number then. I think because she had a bf... so at the end of the semester I gave her my number but she never called :/

Fast forward two years and I just saw her for the first time. We saw each other completely randomly and we talked for a bit. Smiled, laughed, and just reminded me of her back then. This time I said how we should hang out soon and she said yes definitely. She said how she has my number but said I should just take hers too.

When should I call her? I want to call and ask her to go out to this place with me. It's a casual date idea that doesn't have to be a "date", but it's just a fun place to go. Anyway... I got her number Thursday night. When would be the best day to call?

I don't want to call too early to seem eager especially since she never called me in the two years she had my number... but if I wait too long it'll look like I'm playing a game. I put Friday(today) as an option, even though I won't be calling her today because it;s getting late...but still vote Friday if you think I should have called today.

Thanks all :)
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Oh, I probably should have said...she's single now.


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  • You should have called her today, but no biggie. I see all green lights so in a situation like this the earlier you call the better. You should definitely call her tomorrow afternoon. Am happy for you, it sounds like something great is brewing. Good luck!

    • Why call so soon? My vote would be for Sunday afternoon.

  • Sounds like you got friend zoned

    • Two years ago, yes... but she had a boyfriend then. Not anymore.

    • No you don't understand

      You can't leave the friend zone

    • I think you're dead wrong. The only reason she never gave him her number in the first place was because she had a boyfriend and she didn't want to risk anything. Her not wanting to risk anything when they were close only means she thought there was a good chance she might end up doing something stupid, meaning she was interested in him to some degree. Two years is a long time, he is miles from the friend zone. If he plays his cards right he has a very very good chance of succeeding.

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