Is it sad that I haven't kissed anyone in a year?

I think it is. Its not like I can't get a date. I leave my house to buy freaking orange juice , I run into a guy flirting , exchange numbers , speak occasionally then we go out for date then he always do something to turn me off & make me call everything off or sometimes before we even go on a date I find out something that's deal breaking( he has a gf) I have been hurt before so I'm perhaps too cautious & picky with guys. I'm kinda cold too. I don't yell @ them or anything , I just dumped them even though they ask for us to remain friends. This behavior has led to me not getting a chance to kiss a guy in a year!

1. What's the longest you've gone without kissing someone?

2. Should I just kiss the guy I'm planning to go out with next week? We known each other for months now & been on dates before, the problem is I'm really not into him in that way.

3. Why can't I just cut guys some slack & stop being so picky?

Is being picky good or is it my problem?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Well it may sound that way and probably some sad since you are younger...need to get out and circulate! Eh..I have had know how it goes, right? Feast or famine?...sometimes no girls interested in me and other times multiple girls interested at the same time...if only I could have distributed them evenly! Yeah go ahead and show some initiative...if they kiss back then they at least interested in making out...(:(:(:


What Girls Said 1

  • Is it sad that I've never kissed anyone or never been kissed..

    • I'm confused. Are you saying you haven't been kissed before or are you saying I should've said I haven't been kissed in a year?

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