Should I say that I've never been kissed?

I have guys (most of them only want to makeout with me or be FWB). Obviously, I reject them. But when they ask with how many guys I've kissed, should I say none?I'm 16, and I've never kissed any guy. I'm planning to do that with a guy that actually likes my inner me. I'm really starting to get affected by all of this attention crap. Some guys even think I've had sex before I mean WTF I Haven't even had a boyfriend. Why would they suppose that?
To be clear: I have NOT been kissed before.
So should I naturally say "I haven't even kissed"


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  • I'm 21 and have never had a girlfriend or a kiss let alone sex. Not to sound conceited but I'm not a bad looking dude either. I'm a soldier in the Army, I'm 6'1" 150 lbs and I personally like meeting girls who have never kissed or had sex. I have more respect for them and it seems like they have more respect for themselves. Sex is something we all want but not when it's overdone.

  • Lying is usually bad. They would say that cause they want to get a rise out of you or you look like someone that has.


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