Is it me or is this normal in dating?

It seems like When ever I'm talking to a girl I like I feel like it takes usually 2-3 times of asking them out before I get a date. I will normally get their number, then text for a couple weeks every other day or so. So is this normal or am I doing something of wrong.should I just not ask them out after a couple good days of text conversation and wait longer the first time? or is this normal


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  • Normal. Least for me it is. Heck, my boyfriend had to ask three times before I'd even give him my number. Then he had to warm me up to the idea of a date for about...ten months. Then we went on a date. Don't worry about it.

  • took me several months to agree, and to get an agreement. people can be retarded - myself included. its annoying, but its normal. I e 'typical'.


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