I really wish hot girls stopped trying so hard to be cool. It's a turn-off. Why?

They would get attention regardless. They're already cool as they are, and pretty. So why do they crave even more attention and then just get all pissed at you when you give it to them? They seriously suck sometimes. Then they only decide to date jerk-off guys, and later complain about their "misfortunes" in their dating lives.

Seriously grow up and give the good guys a chance! Stop partying so much! As much as I like fun girls, their unquenchable need for fun and excitement in their lives is incredibly annoying. It pisses me off. I'm not even a boring guy, but to any attractive girls' standards, I've learned that I'm "boring" to THEM. It's because they act like this and live like this. It's stupid.


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  • Here's the thing. I would bet money that plenty of the girls you think are hot are exactly as insecure as you or I are. They have just as much a right to want attention from people they think are cool.

    Why is it a problem to you if some girls like to go out and party? It pisses you off that this particular set of girls doesn't think your hobbies are fun? You don't get the privilege of dictating what "fun" girls should think is fun or exactly how much excitement they get to want in their lives. You can only decide those things for your own life and try to find someone who is compatible.

    If you don't want to date a girl that loves to hang around the clubs and bars all the time, good for you! I can guarantee you that there are hot girls who would rather go fishing or spend time at the library or play basketball or whatever your hobby is - they probably just won't be all dolled up in club wear and makeup at the bars all the time.

    I hope you find someone who doesn't piss you off, bro.

    • Sorry Facebook just makes me mad sometimes. Half the time all it is is girls looking dumb online. Guys can look stupid just as often but still. But that's the thing, girls that aren't like this simply are never as attractive.

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    • It's not all about body. I just don't like typical college girls. Mainly the way they act, what they typically "get off" on. And the kinds of guys they go after and everything. Also, I know when a girl is wearing make up and when one isn't. I've seen many hot girls without make up, and they're still hot. Natural looking make up, if they're going to wear any is the best though. I've been told to have great taste in women, I just wish women had greater tastes in guys, then maybe I'd have a chance.

    • Maybe so. I think it might be a little off to say "These women don't like me because they have sh*tty taste in men," though - that smacks a little of "I should get a date because it's my god-given right to get a date" to me. You really have to find somebody who likes you for you, man, and while I sincerely hope there's a party girl out there who fits that for you, you may have to broaden your horizons.

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  • Have you tried giving average girls a chance? Hot girls do these things, because they know they can get away with it. They know that regardless of what they do or say, guys will put up with it, because they're hot. Average looking girls don't have this advantage. They actually have to try to be an interesting person.

    • I know that's why they do it, and their selfishness just makes me even more upset at them. They take advantage of their situation in any way that they can. A good, normal guy simply won't ever get a chance with her, because she knows she can keep him on a string forever, while she decides to date and "have her fun" with douche bags. It's retarded.

    • Well, stop giving them attention. Simple as that. Don't be part of the problem.

    • I don't anymore. I don't cater to females anymore. Their gender privileges when it comes to dating and sex are unfair as it is. The last thing they need is more validation.

  • So when did you become the morality police, deciding which way is best for young people to live their lives? You sound like an old person lol, girls just wanna have fun

    • And that's exactly why their relationships ultimately fail.

  • If you don't like the type of lifestyle a particular person lives, then don't go for that person. You're only setting yourself up for failure by approaching women that you you want to change.

    • The thing is, I don't approach them, as much as I might like to, I know they are not currently compatible with me and just wish they'd grow up some. I need to see that they are mature in order for me to go after a woman.

  • wow this question got my attention.

    I'm an attractive girl where I get a lot of attention like you described. and your right...we do "crave" attention.

    But I'm not that kind of person, I'm not the kind of person your perceive me to be. I may be one of those hot girls but I'm more of a pariah. I'm not the same.

    Heck I'm not even popular even though all the guys know me and talk me about me...its very low-key.

    If you "give it to me", I promise you I won't get pissed.

    there are those hot girls with a stick up they ass , like you described then there are those that will give you the time of day, like me

  • In summary you are saying you want stupid party girls to give good guys like you a chance?

    Sounds like you are the stupid one.

    • Uh no. I want attractive girls to start acting in a more favorable, attractive way, because at this age they never live up to their potential, and stop pursuing dumb temporary relationships, whether they know it or not, and go for guys that are worth it, like myself.

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    • No I'm afraid my thinking isn't flawed at all. I like smart girls, girls that get good grades, girls that are going places in life, but nearly all of them go for sleazebags. They're otherwise smart girls, but stupid about their relationships. But they'd never come to admit that themselves would they? After all, girls are never wrong, they're ALWAYS right!

      I'm here to say, "No they're not."

    • I'm not going to go in circles with you. I rest my case.

  • I don't know the kind of hot girls you're around , But one thing about us hot girls we don't have to try hard we will get it regardless . If these girls are doing these things something more is bothering them.


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  • It's a total turn-off, I agree. It's also disconcerting.

    • Thank you! That's exactly how I feel!

  • "I really wish hot girls stopped trying so hard to be cool...They're already cool as they are"

    Hot = Cool ?

    how can you think so ?

    • For girls to be cool, looks is like 80% of the equation. I've rarely come across a hot girl that wasn't outgoing or that didn't have a cool personality, whether she was friendly to me, personally or not.

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