What should I do next or did I make a mistake

Met this girl at the beginning of summer, we have talked more and more throughout the summer and I finally got her number today. We texted all day today but she was really slow, about half an hour between texts. We joked and she always used smiley faces. She said 'You are really annoying :)' and when I asked her to explain she just said 'When you are right'. Things like that, she always had smiley faces when she was joking, or what I perceived as joking. I had to leave for a movie and asked if she wanted to talk after or call it a day and she responded 'Yea I am tired of you :)'. She said it was sarcasm and I sent her a text that said basically I am not someone who texts all the time but only when I am bored(summarized) and another one saying that it was basically time to go and I wasn't sure if she wanted to talk after or not. Didn't get a text back and I haven't texted her, its been roughly 4 hours since those texts. Did I mess up? Or could someone explain


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  • In my experience as a girl, I would've just wanted you to say "hey, I'm about to go in a movie, I'll text you after its over". BUT my advice wouldve been to not text her after the movie, it will leave her wandering "i thought he said he was going to text me after the movie?..." and it will make her want you to text her because it will make her think you forgot about her...

    But given that you did what described in the question, I would wait 2 or 3 days then text her and ask her a question. A really good one would be to ask about one of her friends. But don't ask for their number. Then when she answers you, don't text her back. Then wait 2 or 3 more days and say "hey".

    This will definitely get get interested in you, at least in my opinion because I don't like clingy guys, but ALL girls want attention from guys.

    • We were both confused on a mutual friend who had a party yesterday for her birhtday, neither of us were sure if it was her brithday or her party day. Got the answer today of if it was the friends birthday or not, would be 'ok' if I sent the girl a text saying that our friends birthday wasn't yesterday but is Thursday? So long as I leave it at that if she texts back.

    • That would be perfect! Then don't text back when she answers

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