So we just want what we can't get,right?

My female friend and I were talking about this yesterday and we find it to be SO TURE,based on our experience.The stories are as follows:

story 1, I introduce her current boyfriend to her, he is a 6 or 7, and she is a 10. At first she didn't give a sh*t about this guy while he was crazy in love .He took a 3 hour train every week just to watch a movie with her or just to check out if she is fine.One time I was having dinner with this guy and he checked his phone every 5 min to see if there's any new text from her. After about one month ,she fell for him too, and they were happy at first and she tried everything to be a sweet girlfriend. She took the 3 hour train to visit him if his schedule was busy, she texted him more, listened to him patiently when he complained about his boss, took care of him when he was low...But ever since she started acting nicely,he cooled down. He showed her how he flirted with other girls through text message(he sent her the chatting history).He started hang out with other girls who he claimed to be only friends(and one of them is a girl who he used to call"a ugly whore"),and he gave me the cold face when I met him in campus.

So he wanted her when he didn't have her,and then turned around once he scored.

Story 2: I met a guy this summer ,I didn't think there's anything special about him at first, but he kept texting ,ran across the street just to say hi if he saw me far away, helped me with essays and did all these nice things. I acted politely at first because I didn't see us that way.

We finally had a dinner together and I started to think he was sweet, and we started to hangout. I thought if we were friends then it shouldn't always be him who text me first, ask me to hangout first. So I started to text him, ask him out and then,boom! he started to neglect my message, stopped to say hi when we ran into each other, and finally we cut the contact.

Story 3, I've been friends with a guy for 3 years. I had a crush on him when we first met and we flirted a little bit and it always me who text him first and ask how wass everything. And he always played cool and teased me and didn't reply my texts. 2 years after that ,he got married, and I gets better on everything ( better looking, nicer body and a prestigious school). And all of a sudden, we started to talk again. I never text him first and I never say anything that is too flirty because he is married and I don't really care about him right now . But he started to text me like 3 times week and he acts like he's jealous when I told him about my dating and boyfriends.

So when he's single and I'm within the reach, he didn't want me , when I don't care about him and never text him first he wants me .

These are the stories I know, and I'm sure it happened to a lot of people and I just wonder if it is just human nature that we are always focus on what we don't have and neglect what we already have.


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  • I wouldn't put it so plainly, but yes as humans, the grass is always greener on the other side. Of course most of the time it isn't just a, "Yea finally hit that, now I can move on to the next one" kind of thing. It's more once you get to know someone fully and have already known them intimately, a lot of the times the lust starts to wear off and it isn't so new and shiny anymore and you realize that was the only reason you really liked them to begin with, and that other than say their looks, you might not really be into them or have a whole lot in common. Just because you chase someone, and finally get them, doesn't mean you can't change your mind and want out. That's what relationships are, getting to know someone completely. A lot of the times, we don't like what we see. Of course it goes both ways for guys and girls.

    • Both way,it's true ,I have to admit that I used to do the same thing

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  • It's true, you never miss a good thing thing till it's gone. once you get used to talking to someone everyday or doing the same routine you'll feel diffrent after it stops.

  • I sure think it is. Almost every guy I have dated within the last 2 years neglected me and one cheated on me. I pretty much stopped talking or trying to hang out with them and lo and behold! Every single one of them came crawling back. Pretty funny I think.

    • Like you answer~have you forgive any of these guys?

    • Only one, and that was because he was honest with me from the beginning and tried REALLY hard to get me back and now we've taken our relationship a step further and are still together :) All the other ones just went and either messed with other girls behind my back or just were liars and flakes so I wrote them off for good.

    • Good for you ~~:)

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