My friends say I shouldn't date him, should I listen?

I really like this guy, but he isn't really the type of person you should date.. my friends hate him, but I really like him. so should I care what my friends say or my feelings?


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  • Hi Girl,

    Usually we are attracted to the guys that exhibit more bad boy behavior. That stand out of the crowd more. These are necessarily the best guys to be dating. Don't get me wrong they are much more interesting, but at the end of the day your friends may be something that you can't see at the moment, because your attraction to him is so high at the moment.

    I would say take a step back and look at the reasons as to why your friends don't like him .. and see if they are valid.

    Depending on that outcome .. you should know whether or not you should date him

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    • Sorry are is meant to be "aren't" - you know what I'm trying to say =) its late and my fingers aren't listening to my brain lol

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  • Why do they dislike him? Why do you like him? Can't give a valid response here based on the sparse details.

    • Ehh..well my friends have good reason not to like him, he is the type of guy that typically gets around... I like him because to me he seems real, and he is really great to be with, and I have a good time when I'm with him. it seems like he is changing?

    • Hard to say. I think those kind of guys have the public personality and the sweet one that's just for the girl. If you play with fire, you can get burned, but that doesn't mean you will. Set rules and expectations - if he follows them, it might work.

  • Ok you say he "isn't really the type of person you should date"... you have just answered the question yourself. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, guess what it's probably a freaking duck.


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  • Girl, you like who you like, and your friends don't like him, then forget your friends. they don't always know whats good for you. sometimes they be just jealous of you. maybe they like him and can't stand the thought of him being with you. Girls are like that sometimes. Maybe they don't want you to be happy or something. Tell them you don't care what they think and want to go out with this nice guy. If they are good friends, then they will understand. good luck girl!

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