Think my ex might be harrassing me, what should I do?

So after 5 months of not being together, I finally blocked him from my phone and Facebook, however I think he found other ways to get a hold of me(internet texting, smartphone apps and other people's phones). The texts were without names, but with the amount of texts there were and from an app I know he's used on top of one of the messages I got, I have a feeling it was him. This was suppose to be a good thing, I found a great new guy, finally realized I didn't have to do the friend thing(not being mean, just seems better) and when I took the step to officially cut him from my life, it's not working and knowing one of his friends, I'm not sure if I should worry about scary backfire or not. What should I do?


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  • Whoa. That's scary.

    I've had a similar problem before, ended up him threatening to commit suicide. Took a while to get that sorted.

    You should seek help for this. A restraining order may seem too much, but you'll be surprised how easier it'll make your life.


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  • Backfire in what way?

    He's going to be him no matter what and right now it seems like he's a stalker.

    Tell him to stop.

    If he continues, does it escalate? Will blocking his number work? Will getting a new number work?

    If not, report him, don't tell him you're going to report him, telling him to stop is good enough. If he wants more he can deal with the consequences and hopefully he'll learn to stop interfering in other peoples lives.

    • Like I said, I already blocked his number, he just found his way around it. And as for backfire, a friend of his(one I use to know well), can make threats to people if he feels his "friends" have been wronged, despite what's really going on and while he might not act, you never know with him.

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    • Seems that appears to be the best answer...I mean I had my dad contact his probate officer(he knows the officer personally). Was just hoping to let this pass I guess. Thanks for your input hun. :)

    • Np and I think it's great that you have a link to contact someone in that kind of line in such a quick and personal way. :) All the best.

  • tell him to back off.

    • That's the thing, I don't know if he will. I've asked him before to lighten up on texting me when it was starting to become a hassle and it never worked. He's one of those people that doesn't accept something when told if he doesn't like it...

    • shoot him. hahaha

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