Did you date in high school?

Raise hands please! Because I'm high school freshman and still haven't got a boyfriend... Probably the main reason is because I study in all girls school, and it gets pretty boring sometimes. Falling in love sounds great and I'm having a crush outside the crush but I don't see him often, so very unlikely to develop to something more, but relationships can get ugly and complicated.

So it is okay to not date in high school, right? Some of my friends have boyfriends but they were like meh... Like ignoring you after chasing you and the good remaining ones are just average. And I don't believe my problems will be all clear if I find a boyfriend. But I wonder if I'd be happier or more problematic if I do...u see, I've always want to change to a coed or international school, but even if I changed school, it doesn't mean I'd get a boyfriend too...


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  • No because I couldn't get any guys. I asked three out and they both said no. It wasn't till my 20's that I started going out on dates.

    • I hope my crush won't reject me...but from what I see, the fun and hot guys like me, but they don't want to have a girlfriend

  • Hahaha...wish that was my problem...

    I didn't date all through high school.

    And half of my friends didn't date too, the other half dated...

    Being in an all girls boarding school kinda did that to me.

    Plus only being home only once every three months kinda did that to me...

    I wasn't ready to date anyone at the time...bt what I do regret is not going out with my best friend when he sked me out...that's the only thing I regret.

    Relationships have their good side and bad side...be prepared for that too.


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