What do you think about online dating?

Do you think you should online date? Why or Why not? Should you or shouldn't you?


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  • For people who "date" through chat or email and never see each other in real life, I think it's pointless & doesn't constitute as a real relationship. It's just two people trying to find a quick fix to their loneliness.

    For online dating sites like eHarmony or plenty of fish that actually match people according to their personalities so they can date in real life, I'm OK with those. I wouldn't use one myself; it would take away a lot of the fun in dating, but I can imagine why someone who's eager to settle in would want to try it. I actually know a few people who got married after meeting through these sites and have been together for years.


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  • People who can't get a date IRL use online dating.

    • I don't have a problem getting dates without the internet but I still use both. For crying out loud, I had a "ladies man" roommate (who got a smoking Asian girl in his bedroom in the space of 2 weeks after moving in) comment on how good the quality of singles were on okcupid.

      You do have a point about a certain demographic on online dating sites but if you have experience IRL they are often easy to spot. I say this because I have been successful avoiding after meeting with multiple people.

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    • Not the case at all, I do both why not increase your chances!?

    • "If a girl needs to use a dating website, she's doing something wrong since all attractive girls should have guys throwing themselves at them several times a week."

  • For people that work for a living and don't have a ton of free time its great. I use it all the time, its much quicker at getting to know someone also. You know a bit about them before you go out on a date. Screening is much easier, "IRL" it will take you longer to find her. That is my experience I have used both and I can tell you what, the dates I have had from online date go much much better than happenstance.


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  • I personally find it a waste of time. It's just full of people who just wanna have sex and that's it.

    • For you very attractive ladies it much be hard -- you get all those scumbags flooding your inbox. For us guys we don't get much at all (depending on the state we live in), but at least we don't have to deal with that.

    • I do still get the occasional, YOUR HOT email; but I can't imagine what you guys all get

    • I have been considered pretty attractive and man I tell you some of the messages I got were disgusting. I had been propositioned for sex, had lewd messages sent, guys asking if I wanna see their d***s, the works, but at least I can tell who they are right off the bat. The worst are the smooth talkers who manage to say all the right things and suck you in by putting up a front. I dated a guy off plenty of fish like that and I fell for him then found out he was screwing like 10 other chicks.

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