Nervous when it comes to dates and possible relationships.

Okay this is embarrassing as it is already since I am 27 and never had a relationship, a real kiss nor sex. I have gone on dates, with some of the girls I went on multiple dates (no more then three before it just died down and we went our separate ways). I have not made any moves on either of them, because I never know when and how to make the move. This is why I have a lot of anxiety on my dates, due to my experience and also my confidence. I am supposed to be going out with this girl, well the way I phrased it was "hang out." Anyways this is where everything I just explained comes up and starts to affect me in negative ways and makes me nervous, on top of this I don't know what to say to a girl to keep the conversation going and interesting.
P.S. So in other words a lot of the anxiety comes from me knowing that they girl (who tend to be a little younger then me) expect me to know what I am doing. Yet I have no clue of what to do and I am sure I am going to suck when it comes to making a move. Which once I do try and make a move they are going to know I am a nervous, noob at 27 years of age (a.k.a loser).


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  • Aww :( well just explain to the girl and take it step by step. I am so shy to talk on the phone with a boy and they understand. Once I get comfortable I'm like the main one talking.. Just take a deep breathe...explain...take it step by step..and try to accomplish one goal at a time . It works

  • If you are dating girls who generalize like that then, you definitely need to move on & keep looking. Not everybody is meant to have a boyfriend or girlfriend by the age of 16, 17, & so on. I don't know why people think that when you hit a certain age you are suppose to have experienced being in a relationship. It's sad that people feel that way, but this world we live in can be so complicated. First, you feel pressured into being in a relationship then, once you get in one you find out that it wasn't all that people crack it up to be. Then, you sit there & wish that you wouldn't have listen to what others say. I wouldn't even stress over it if I were you. If dating someone is like finding a job then, I don't want to date because that would mean that dating is useless.


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