He's Going To Be My First Kiss and all...But He Doesn't Know?

Basically there's this guy I'm seeing and we kinda started going out end of Jul but we've never really made out or anything.

We've cuddled.Held hands.Met up a couple of times.We text and we talk practically each day.I wasn't in the country for like 3 weeks and all through that time I know I was the only girl in his life.

The problem is he thinks I'm experienced. See the thing is that I'm really pretty and I never lack for guys. That kinda gives the impression that I've made out before, plus I have this innocent look that guys apparently like.

But the thing is I'm a virgin. I haven't been kissed since I was like 9 or something. I was wondering,how do I drop it on him,and furthermore should I tell him?

The thing is that I'm kinda closed off with people I don't know. Guys flock but very few make it to the end. They sort of assume I have someone else and if not that they say I'm not easy to get...which in my opinion is total bull.

He had to go through the same and part of me thinks that he knows he's the first to make it so far...then again,who knows?

So,should I tell him?


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  • That's a rather tough casual conversation drop in. Don't tell him you want to talk and have this as a conversation unless he somehow brings it up.

    If you really want to tell him, do it just before you think it's going to happen, tell him something along the lines of "I need to tell you, I've never actually kissed someone before. But I really like you and I'm a little nervous so let me know how you like it." and if he doesn't more/less immediately do it, then you kiss him. And start light, if he wants it rougher he'll probably go rougher. Or if you want it rougher, wait a couple seconds and try increasing it a little bit and see how he reacts. But do not go overboard, especially not on the first kiss, but try not to be a statue. Let him lead if you can but you should also react to things.

    • Tell me about it...

      Its like trying to tell my mum I'm pregnant(I ever I have to) but worse :)

      I was actually thinking o just winging it,whatever happens happens :D

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  • You know it's kinda funny. Everyone kisses differently, and every time a date a new girl the first kiss is awkward cause we both expect to do something different. I've found that's perfectly normal. It's usually a very quick adjustment to learn their pace. You'll be just fine.

  • I would go ahead and tell him I don't think itll make anything worse and if you say he likes innocent girls then it can only help.


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  • I don't think you should tell him unless he ask. If he reallly like you he wouldn't even care about you being experienced or not.

    • That's what I think...and hopefully he really likes me,not just the whole "benefits" part

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