Should I just kiss her?

I will begin by saying I've never had a lesbian thought in my life... But this may have changed last night. Due to a lack of seats my best friend was sitting on my lap and my hands were resting on her hips/legs. I found myself rubbing her leg and thoughts going through my mind that I want to kiss her... She's beautiful and has never been kissed by anyone. She didn't stop me from rubbing her and I slowly moved my hands towards her you know what but stopped myself because it was a shameful act. .. Later we were in bed watching a movie and I couldn't take my eyes off her... I don't want to ruin our friendship of two years. Help):
So uh recently we had a for lack of better words really fun night.


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  • Just pretend you're curious about experimenting with a girl and somehow figure out if she's into the same in a casual way. That'll tell you if she's thought about it at all and you can act like it just popped into your head. She may have been thinking the exact same thing, you never know, lol.

    • I guess the major problem is that my older brother is in to her... And I kinda have the feeling she'll take attention from anyone... Which may be okay for me..

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  • Tell her you're a little curious of what it's like. If she is OK with it, then try it.

    Very erotic question by the way

    • Didnt mean for it to be erotic.. It was just honest. Sorry.

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    • You should add me

    • Haha okay

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  • Ask her if she would like to mess around. That way she can say yes or no. If you just put moves on her that would be more likely to ruin your friendship.

  • No. You don't know if she thought the whole thing was awkward or inappropriate but decided not to tell you.

    Someone did something similar to me around that age and all I could think was, wow, don't do that.


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