Girls; do you like to date sensitive guys?

I'm a sensitive guy,I was just wondering what you girls option was on dating a sensitive guy.

I'm 16

I'm not really all that sensitive,but like il cry at like the notebook.


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  • I love a man that can tell me what he is feeling. If it is ever to the point where something is ALWAYS OFFENDING HIM, or it is easy to hurt his feelings I honestly get annoyed. I'm not the wear your heart on your sleeve romantic type either. Once a week is cool for confessing your heart to me. Anything over that. Ick!


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  • How sensitive? I like sensitive guys, but if you cry over a sunset or something likely you might be a little too sensitive to me. But again - we're all different :)

  • sensitive how? I knew one or two sensitive guys and I felt like I was tip toeing around them. =/ hahahha.


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