Why am I not lucky with girls?

I have dated a number of girls and was in relationships which ended badly. And I am now dating and this relationship is kind of stuck cause I ask this girl out and she is busy like many times. And I wonder if there something wrong here. Why am I not lucky with girls?

What is a problem, what can I do about it?

We have been chatting for 4 months now, and met a number of times cause we live 2 hours away from each other, and meet on weekends. We chat every day while at our jobs and at home. but for the last 3 weekends when I asked her out she had plans with shopping with her mother or seeing an old friend whom she had not met for a while. Therefore we talk - like most of the time but haven't met lately.

Other girl did cheat on me and got engaged with that guy, and contacted me telling: they split


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  • What were the reasons your other relationships didn't end well? Was it something she did that you didn't like? Or something you did that she didn't like? What is the current girl telling you when she says that she's busy? Does she try to work around her schedule to hang out with you or is it more like she's just saying, "Oh, I can't that day... I'm busy." or "This week isn't good for me, ask me next week." because if she's saying things like that then she's basically just trying to tell you nicely that she's not interested and that you should try to find someone else.

    But you need to give more detail in your descriptions because we aren't mind readers and we don't know you.. So, if you can answer the questions I asked in the beginning, I might be able to give you better advice.

    • It sounds like things are going okay with the current girl. Maybe you should just call her and make plans for like a week (maybe even two) in advance, just so you know the two of you are free. And if that works out maybe pick a special day out of the week that you guys could make your day and you guys meet up half way or maybe she comes to you every other time and then you go to her the other times and just hangout every week on the same day. That way you know you guys will get to see each other

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  • Well how long have you been in a relationship with this girl ?

  • well you haven't given any details, so I can't really say anything on this.


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