Has she lost interest? Why isn't she replying?

I have been chatting to this girl online and on the phone we arranged a date.

I had messaged her on fb & text before the phone call. At first, she replied to them almost straight away. Since we spoke on the phone, I have messaged her 3 times on fb & text in 6 days. She has replied once - to the text - where we had a chat going. She suddenly stopped replying and has ignored the text I sent her today. and hasn't replied to my fb message, even though she has been on there.

What is happening? Why isn't she replying? Is she losing/lost interest, and what about the date?

Should I ask her if it is still on? If she is losing interest, what can I do to keep her interested until the first date?

We are still friends on fb, so she hasn't unfriended me there.

Also, so far, I'm the one who has been initiating the texts. Even though it was her who originally got in contact with me. She has also made all of the arrangements for the date.


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  • just play it cool! don't text her now if she's been ignoring you, let her text you.

    • Thank you! Thank you! It worked! She got back to me! Also thanks to CheriElise :)

    • no problem! glad to know it worked out :)

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  • Yes play it cool, I don't think many women like the feeling of a clingy man right off the bat. If she is still interested she will text you, and the date will still be on.

    • Roughly how long do you girls normally wait to text? How long should I be waiting for?

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    • Don't worry so much, if you wants to go out with you she will come around. :)

    • Thanks :)

  • it's really easy to reciprocate interest on Facebook or via texting. it's called "e-confidence" or something like that. there's a chance she's already dating someone/interested in someone else. OR, she may not have been 100% drawn to you, but thought there was no harm in chatting. now that she knows you're interested, she may be intimidating by actually having to follow through and meet you--whereas the texting/fb-ing are effortless.

    • She got in contact with me first, so I assume she must have been pretty high up in the percentage.

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