Should I text him after he hasn't called back?

So, my new boyfriend of 2 months went MIA for 3 days-- 0 contact. I'm not needy nor clingy, but I do expect him to at least say hello or let me know he's ALIVE. He texted on the 4th day letting me know he was out of town on his meeting and apologized for not keeping contact. I replied with an "ok, glad you're fine". He called afterward and I just let him know that he was out of town on a business meeting (which I already knew), but still-- not taking 2 seconds to say hello or goodnight sounds like BS to me. He apologized and I cut the conversation short ) short, which REALLY surprised him since he responded with a "whaaaat?! Shows how much you missed me!".

Either way, I said bye ttyl and hung up. Next day I didn't contact him but he text me in the evening saying "You forgot about me. I see". I replied with a "no my dear" which he responded to with a "suuuuure". I didn't reply to that nor continue the conversation.I called him later at night and he didn't answer. Now it's the day after, he hasn't called back but I do miss him. Would it be too much to text him or should I just wait to see if he decides to call me? I'm not used to these stupid games but apparently, he's a fan of them :-/



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  • definitely text him

    • Thank you. Very reassuring answer.

      I texted him, told him I missed him and he was really surprised to hear from me. He replied, "really? I really thought you didn't. I miss you too!"

      And we just went from there. =)

      THANK YOU!

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  • Text him!

    • thank you! You were very right :)

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