Do you think I messed up a little? AND DO YOU THINK IT'S TIME FOR THE TALK!?

So I've been dating this guy non-exclusively for a few months. We've been on two dates. Going on a third when he comes back from being underway in the usn.

First & Second date were SO much fun. I hugged him at the end of each and he hugged back semi-tight. However I did not give 'signals' to kiss or anything even though I really wanted to.. Mostly because I'm VERY shy and felt nervous.

I like him a lot. I've known him for 6 months now. Met him on a dating site. We are always talking. Sometimes we go a few days, no more than a week without communication.

He's mentioned one other girl that he's started dating as well to me but he told me she was a stage 5 clinger and crazy. He ended up blocking her recently and then he changed his number and he texted me with the new one. He's been real flirty with me.

I think I messed up by not kissing him or something by the second date. I'm not talking about sex or anything.

When he mentioned the other girl I was hurt thinking I had competition and I didn't like that, I don't like games.. but I played it off cool since we're not exclusive of course.

He left today for 2 months for work but we keep in touch now via email. Do you think it's time for the talk? I REALLY DON'T want to be the one. but since I felt that way when he mentioned the other girl, should I bring up like where we're going? (only been on two dates.. but been talking for 6 months)

I'm reaaaally nervous.I have two months to change the nervousness lol
He's also being stationed to another state in less than 6 months so that's why I asked about asking about us..

I won't bring it up (whew...) lol but I'm just confused/scared/nervous.


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  • hey! okay here's what I think. its better to go slow than to rush it. its not a big deal at all that you didn't kiss on the 2nd date! you definitely did not do anything wrong.

    my advice is do NOT bring up "the talk". do you really think he doesn't already know that the majority of girls want a relationship? don't ask him where this is going as if everything is his decision. you want him to be asking *you* these questions. soon he'll be like, why isn't she asking me where this is going like every other girl does? lol.

    in the meantime keep living your life, give him some time to miss you :)


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