I don't want to hug him anymore!! Help!

So I used to hug my ex boyfriend when we were friends and when we were dating...but now that he's my ex I don't want to hug him anymore. What do I do? Especially if he opens his arms to give me a hug...I know it's f***ed up but after dating him...naturally I don't really see him the same way. Hence..I don't want to hug him anymore. If I sound like a bitch about it...I'm sorry...I guess. I just don't like hugging him anymore...


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  • I wouldn't hug an ex anymore unless I still have feeling for him and hopes of getting back together. I think that honesty is the best thing to do, just be honest and tell him that now that you guys aren't together its hard for you to accept his hugs.

    You will feel much better plus in this life you have to always please yourself first before pleasing others.

    • Alright..thanks for the advice. I just don't want to cause any waves between us...like I don't want him to resent me all of a sudden...

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  • you need to be firm with him and be frank about it too. Tell him it's over and to get over it.


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  • send him a text so you don't look rude all of a sudden,tell him no hard feeelings but you need to move on

    • Okay..I'll do that.

    • thanks for the advice...although..I think he knows it is over...but since he's kind of inexperienced in relationship stuff...he just gives me a hug like with all his other girl friends...like he doesn't have any problem...it's just me..blehh..I really wish it didn't bother me...but every time he goes into hug me..I feel irritated...like why couldn't it work out...I so wanted a boyfriend and then when I got one...it was blahh...and not what I wanted at all...and it just sux all around. -_-

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