How often should you text a girl when you just get her number?

Like once you start texting and already have a date plan

  • Once every day..
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  • Engage in full text conversations at will as long as the convo flows
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  • Avoid text till date
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  • Avoid text till date, and call every other day.
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  • 30 min texting a day.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Slightly less than she wants.

    Pay attention to her texting volume and frequency (once a day, or every few days?) and do slightly less.

    The key is to NOT blow up her phone with desperate or needy text banter... this will scare a possible catch away.

    When I'm dating someone I never let more than two days pass without some contact... even if it's fun random photo of a cat eating a watermelon. It's about keeping her engaged and interested. And when you text slightly less then she expects it leaves wondering if you're REALLY into her or not. When she's wondering you're winning. :)

    ~ Robby

    • Ok so your obviously smart... Women report that they like the chase far less then men... What if the girl really likes you... I'm afraid of coming across as negligent or undesirable to attach her feelings to. Like not a safe place to park her boat? Also how do I monitor her text frequency if she perceives it as the mans role to initiate all convo. This is a very common mentality. Tnx

    • True statement right here. Trust me, its about only doing enough to keep her guessing. Girls want guys they can't have. If she feels she's got you in the bag, she will quite literally lose all attraction for you. If she feels like she hasn't won you over, she'll not only work harder to do so, but she'll perceive you as higher status since you aren't putting her on a pedestal. This higher value than her is sexy to women. They like guys that appear to be alpha males and of higher status.

    • What women say they want, and what they actually find attractive are often different things. That's why texting slightly less than she does is more attractive than texting more than she does... the only exception seems to be when she's REALLY into you or REALLY shy and refuses to make any advances. In those cases it's best to text less and simply spend quality time with her instead.

      Think of texting as a tool to bridge the time you spend apart... not as a way of creating attraction. :)

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  • Like twice a week


What Guys Said 1

  • When I first got this one girls number and set up a date, I went to a concert the night before. I went and texted her until the show started. I didn't text her until the date the following day

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