Just don't feel anything after date?

So a month ago this guy asked me out, thought he was cute and we flirted then we go on a date and I just want feeling it. So then I'm like okay its just I didn't like the guy. Then a few weeks later this guy other I thought was so cute (and I had my eye on him for a couple weeks) actually asked me out and I was so excited. We go on a date and I feel nothing. What is wrong with me haha? Shouldn't I be totally excited?

I should say I don't do games or lead people on. If I flirt with them I really do like them!


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  • Maybe you're not ready for something serious

    • I think you're right, maybe I just like the idea of one but not ready for the real thing!

    • I'm glad I went on another date :) we're boyfriend and girlfriend now for about a month!

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