I feel confident now, got a new look, but it's too late for her

There's this girl I asked out to a date and while we settled on a day, I acted weird the last time I saw her in person in class. I was nervous and avoided her and didn't talk to her at all. A week later, I feel really confident again; I got a new look and everything. I haven't seen her since that day and I have to basically confirm the date with her, but now I feel like she'll get out of it because how weird I was last time she saw me in person, which means that she'll miss my new confidence.

I'll see her in class again after that regardless of her answer, but it feels like it's too late. How can I stop from blaming myself?


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  • Just tell her 'hey' and apologize for the last time you saw each other (clearing the air).

    Then tell her you're still interested in taking her out, if she's still interested in going out (gives her a chance to back out without really embarassing either of you).

    If she says yes, set a date. If not, move on. I'm sure other girls are digging your confidence.


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