Is she just not interested anymore, or is she busy/playing a game?

I met this amazing girl about a month ago. For the first 1.5 weeks, she would text me first 3 times a day. We hung out 5 times in the first 10 days of me knowing her. It was super flirty, fun, etc. Then after the 1.5 weeks, she moved onto campus. She's now a freshman in college and told me that she is looking to meet/hang out with guys. Ever since she moved to campus, we haven't talked nearly as much. She stopped texting me, and when I text her, it takes her hours to respond. Before she would respond instantly and we'd send 100ish texts every day.

Two weekends ago, we went on a date and she only talked about other guys(how they are cute, how she hangs out with them, but also about how they are kinda stupid). She was showing me their texting convos so idk. And she said how she doesn't "date" people unless there is something real there, and we were on a "date". After that I went a couple days without talking to her and then asked her what she was doing for the next weekend. She told me she was busy. So I told her to let me know when she will actually have some free time. It's been a whole week since that text and I haven't heard from her and I haven't contacted her.

What's going on? When she first started not texting much, she apologized because she has been super busy. What should I do now? Wait for her to contact me, or should I ask her out again?

Sorry it got long, but I'd appreciate any answers! :)


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  • Sounds like she started meeting all these new people at college and is slowly forgetting about you. Sorry :( This may or may not wear off as the academic year progresses, and the new people she's met start to become less exciting to her.


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  • Sounds like you got friend zoned, I could be wrong though


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