I am a female dating on a web site. Who picks up the dinner tab? Haven't found the right "touch"

for this yet. I do offer half but have had some that think it should be all. I NEVER do the asking out. Any ideas?


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  • If they ask, you should offer to split, and mean it.

    If they decline, graciously accept. If you like them, you can ask them out (and then pay) on a future date, if you want.

    • I ask each and every time and politely. Once they give their answer, I do not argue it because I did mean it when I said it. BUT, I do take notes and it's getting a bit old that EVERYONE thinks you should pay half when you did not initiate the date. You simply said yes!

    • To be fair, you did more then simply 'say yes'. You set yourself up on a dating site. You are essentially presenting yourself to be asked out. It is a little different from randomly asking someone out. I suspect I would probably pay in the latter case, and maybe not in the first. Perhaps I'd pay on a second date, if there was one? I'm not sure. One sadly hears of young women who use dating sites as a source of free dinners and alcohol.

    • Very good point, did not view it that way. You're right, it is a dating site and some things should be split. On the note of a source of free dinner and drinks, those women have ruined it for us!

  • I think whoever asks should cover it.


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