Is he trying to make me jelous?

so the guy I like is a very keep to himself type. I dated his friend off and on for the past two years and a year ago he told me he liked me. then recently me and his friend broke up officially. me and my crush started talking after that. he helped me move on with my life and even in school. then I told him that I like him and he said if I was a little older he would have dated me. he says he won't date anyone under two years his age. I am three yrs. we continued to talk about everything and he even flirts with me now and then. then he told me he met this girl that he really likes and that she could possibly be the one tho he won't tell me anything about her. he continues to flirt and has admitted he feels the same and that we will talk more about it when he comes to visit (he recently moved just 250 mi. away) what should I think. don't be harsh on me but do be honest.


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  • Well, most guys won't date a girl who their friend dated. Second, he already said you're too young for him ( I think he's crazy here). I'm guessing you're misinterpreting flirting with friendliness. I think he sees you as a good friend. He already knows you like him...theres no need to make you jealous. Also, if he wanted you as a would be a very risky move on his part to talk to you about another girl he likes...and he would be lying to you.


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