2nd date and no kiss? How to take it to the next level?

So I met this guy online - he's 3 years older, very mature and VERY polite (from the South). We talk all the time and he's so sweet. He told me on our second date that he doesn't like to push things -- like if two people are meant to be together it will happen. But he hasn't made any moves to let me know he's into me. He hugs me and tells me I'm beautiful, but hasn't made any notion that he wants to kiss me. I don't get it! Can someone help me out?


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  • LOL aww lots of women would love to have your problem, considering a recurrent complaint here is guys are being too pushy.

    He's taking it slow like he said, he doesn't want you to question his motives or intents. Find out on the next date, kiss him yourself. It's not like women can't initiate a kiss lol. I've had it done to me, I rather enjoyed it.


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