Why Facebook comment instead of text or private message?

i made a random status update and this girl that I've been going on a few dates and hanging out with comment my status saying "we need to hang out".

we haven't hung out in a few weeks and our communicate has been very rare lately. honestly I like her but I don't think we are compatible, which is the reason why I've been sort of not contacting her, trying to get her off my mind and focus on other things. she usually always used to text me so frequently and fb chat with me all the time but now things have been kinda distant. lots of mixed signals. I also noticed once she commented another guy's status with "we need to hang out, (guy's name here)!"

i replied back to her "we need to hang out" comment with "im busy".

then I she said "we can still try to make a time..."

and I said "i dunno". then an hour later I deleted the status.

is there a reason why she decided to Facebook comment me (in front of all my other fb friends) instead of a private message?


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  • I think the first answerer might be onto something. Also, a public post seems more casual...like she's not THAT ultra-serious. When you PM someone, it implies a certain level of intimacy with them...that they would welcome a PM from you, unsolicited...whether it's a friend relationship or a romantic one. So, posting publicly allows her to "play it cool." If you take her up on her offer, great. If not, she can pretend it was only a FRIENDly gesture- not a romantic one.

    • funny thing is that she has done this before...a new video game came out and we were planning on playing it together. I made a status update about it, and she said "i can't wait to play with you tomorrow". I told her we should keep our plans private (off Facebook) because are nosy and would probably get mad if they I didn't invite them over...

  • She wants everyone to know she's been seeing you and you just shot her down


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