He wasn't ever jealous before, but now that we are official boyfriend and girlfriend, we are constantly fight?

My boyfriend and I have been officially dating for two months, but before being official we dated for about 8 months. Within that time things were cool, it was like we were already boyfriend and girlfriend, except I know we would still talk to other people. Anyway, since becoming official, he's become very jealous. I find it weird that he brings up people from my past, even though we both know he would talk to other girls too. I'm not really sure how to deal with this. I know it's just his insecurities, but I don't feel like I'm doing anything to provoke these feelings.

Can these trust issues ever go away? :(


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  • Are you doing anything that he should question? Flirting, talking to exes, etc?

    They will go away but you need to have a talk with him about how you are feeling about his jealousy. Tell him that it makes you uncomfortable and you want him the way he was before. Stuff like that.

    • No, I haven't. We've had 2 pretty bad arguements about this already and they always come out of nowhere. First time we were just out at one of his friend's apartments playing drinking games and when he was taking me home... bam. Then recently we were out and then going home again. Both of these times, I didn't flirt with anyone or anything. I was with him the whole time. I've try to tell him that he has nothing to worry about and he always apologizes afterward. After the damage has been done.

    • Yeah, I've experienced this before. Maybe since you guys are new (ish) his feelings are growing for you. This can materialize into almost possesive traits (worrying about exes when he wasn't before, etc.). Maybe his self confidence is waning? Either way, you need to let him know (without arguing) how much it is effecting you. It can go away eventually, sometimes it might just take a little maturity (no offense to him) in the relationship.

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