Does he like me???

Okay complex situation here...

Will break it up into key elements...

Well I started dating him in March this year,

we are really similar and get along really easy.

We dated for a while and got to the point where we decided to have sex (Its legal for under 18's here in aus).

Things went really well,

but because it was long distance,

we didn't get to see each other for a month,

so things died down.

We mutually broke up,

just weren't sure if we were interested in each other anymore and because long distance was a pain.

Shortly after he started dating someone else...

we still were close so we could chat about it,

he told me that he was only dating her because she was suicidal and he was too scared to break up with her because of what she might do. So he had been chatting with me a tonne and getting my advice on how to break up with her, when one day( entirely immature of me) I told him I liked someone, which then led to me telling him that I liked him again...

He said it was all good, but he just didn't want to be in a relationship at the moment.

so I left it and did my best to get over him.

He kept ringing me, and contacting me by Facebook all the time, not understanding that I needed space.

So it ended there on the apparent note that he didn't like me and we were going to just be friends.

So the rowing season started back up last weekend and we organized a movie marathon, with just us, in the rowing shed. He unfortunately made me watch the American pie movies lol because I had not seen them before. Not to much before the end of the movie, we had a massive malteser fight, which resulted in us kissing.

I pulled away and told him he didn't have to pretend and he said "thats not it, I used to not see a future in us, but now I can definitely see that you're someone I want to be with". So we ended up having sex, sleeping cuddled up and then waking up and having a fun shower. We even got back to the I love you stages.

Problem is, he is still with the other girl, and has not contacted me, of been on Facebook since. I really don't know. He is definitely the sort of person I want to be with but still so unsure...

Do you people think he likes me?

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  • Don't be fooled. A young guy like that will just do whatever it takes to get sex. He has shown his character by talking about that girl behind her back and then cheating on her. He'll do the same to you.

  • we can't read his mind... we have no idea... :|


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