Initially says yes, then backs out?

I had a girl who initially said yes to me to a date. Since she got back to me late, we rescheduled and she still seemed willing. Then as the day got closer, she backed out.

I'm frustrated right now and I don't really care what her reasons are for backing, it's just that I almost feel foolish for putting some thought into planning this date.


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  • don't give up too easy man. build up a tolerance to this stuff, because if you gave up on each girl after one date cancel/reschedule, you'll have to meet a lot more women. you should probably try dating/showing interest in multiple girls, and increase your odds.

    you can't get frustrated over little stuff like this. stuff happens, and it's fine. if the date doesn't happen, that's fine too. just move along. there's no need to feel foolish for planning the date. it just means that she seems very promising to you, so give her the benefit of doubt and give her another chance or two. remember a date is just to start getting to know someone, so don't get down just because she backed out. back out after you had a date, and you find out you don't like her as much as you thought


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