Tells me he wants to "hang out" and then doesn't follow through?

My guy friend and I used to text almost everyday in July&August. We've tried twice to make plans and BOTH times he either had something else to do (aka, something better came along) or he was "busy". So in September I left for college about 4 hours away, and we slowly stopped texting because there's really no point because I'm in college doing my own thing. Last week however, he texted me asking how I was doing and told me to "hit him up" when I'm home so we can hangout. WTH? I really thought he wasn't interested.

I had one of my girlfriends bring me up in conversation and he mentioned texting me but didn't share with her any information about him wanting to hangout with me.

I just can't tell if he talks to me when he's bored or is actually trying to see me. I told him he always falls through with plans and he told me "I won't this time!". HELP!


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  • Why don't you hang out and find out by doing that. I don't see the issue. if you like hanging out with him, go ahead. exactly what do you need to now, in order to chat with someone. you'll find out in time, what's up.

    just don't have sex with him, unless that's what you want.

    i e don't do it because you think itll get you guys into a relationship. but get to know him. why not

  • You are some one he goes to when he has nothing better to do. Sorry :|


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