How long till you actually started to date?

Me and this guy just met last week and we text almost everyday. we are in college and have busy schedules so we can only hang out at night on weekdays. We've hung out 4 times already and I enjoy being with him.

1) how do I know if we are actually dating?

2) how long till you and you bf/gf/husband/wife started to date after meeting?

3) how long till you would sleep over?


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  • Generally when a guy picks you up at your both go somewhere...he buys your food, drink, tickets..etc then its a date

    If this happens on a consistent basis...then you're could be exclusive or non exclusive dating.

    Then if one of you asks to be exclusive...and you both becomes a "dating relationship".

    Sleeping over depends on your moral beliefs. If there was such a thing as a time frame it would be different for everyone.


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  • 1. That depends on both of you

    2. We were acquaintances in college since a few years, hung out together a few times at the uni, first in group, then one on one in October, went on a 10 day trip together (her idea, each his room) started kissing in December, started dating in January

    3. We shared room & bed in July.

  • you guys are sorta unofficially seeing each other... non-exclusively.

    from there you need to go on official dates and then decide whether or not you wanna become exclusive.

    anyhow the dating/sleeping over stuff differs with everyone... I'm kinda abnormal in the fact that me and my significant others tend to sleep first then figure stuff out later. more traditional people start dating officially after some couple weeks of flirting and sizing each other up, then after a couple dates, and schedule permitting will slowly work into sleeping over etc.

    just feel the air/atmosphere, and if the time feels right do whatever you two wanna do. you could poll people all day long, but it really depends on what you both are comfortable with. if you want to take it to the next step, whether it be talking about an actual date, or hooking up... do it.

  • 1) Ask him if you're dating or not, he will give you an honest answer (though I can't guarantee it's the one you want to hear)

    2) For me it's usually a week after meeting someone that I will go on a date if I'm interested

    3) Every relationship is different. Trust your instincts. Rule of thumb is that the longer you wait before sleeping together, the more serious the relationship will be. The less you wait before sleeping together the more likely it will be a sex friend or one night stand turnout.

    None of what I said is written in stone, it's just how I've seen things go down in my experience. Anyways good luck with this guy

    • im not sure if we are dating because we met on a dating site and it seems he enjoys being with me.

    • If you met on a dating site then in the real world and he still wants to hang out then it's a good bet that he's into you.

  • I don't have any rules. Whatever happens happens

  • 1 he has asked you to be his girlfriend or you ask him to be your boyfriend

    2 though technically I am not officially dating her(I need to meet her parents frist) I have known her since high school(I am in collage now)

    3 not that far yet


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  • 1. I think that if one of you pays for most or everything when you go out, it's a date. But it's a good idea to have the "are we exclusive" or whatever talk. Tell him how you feel - that you enjoy spending time with him.

    2. 5 years! It's kind of a long story but he was living in Europe for most of that time and then he moved here.

    3. We went on our first official date in December and then I stayed over at his place in April. There wasn't a lot of sleeping going on though lol.

  • 19

    1.) The term 'dating' has several meanings but for me it would be courting someone to get a feel of whether or not we click, connect, or can handle simple situations with one another well.

    2.) Nearly a month, only because I opted to ( he was eager/anxious the 'whole' while but was very appreciative when the time arrived, lol)

    3.) When I did come to his place, I did spend the night yet we did not go to sleep, neither did we " Tear it Down" (;)) lol. We spent the night talking, watching episodes of old shows, and just enjoying each others presence...

  • 1. Depends...I'd say after only 4 times, you aren't dating

    2. I started dating my boyfriend 4 years after meeting him

    3. We had a sleep over 9 months into dating. But we slept in different rooms and there was no sex.


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