Help with online dating profile?

So it seems that god is against me when it comes to my online dating profile and I don't know why. I have enclosed a link. Any feedback on what's so fundamentally wrong with it would be appreciated. Thank you.



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  • Not bad at all. I've heard POF sucks, though. I used and was pretty happy with it. It costs, but it was worth it.

    You might try to take a photo that isn't so pixelated and dimly lit, though. Your photos aren't bad looking, but something taken with an actual camera outside of a webcam/cell phone would let your good features show better. It looks like you have pretty eyes ... don't be afraid to show them!

    Also, you might mention a bit more about your interests, so potential matches can see the kinds of things that make you happy.

    Last, I don't care too much about small grammar corrections, but some people do get the wrong idea if you have them in your profile:

    "Yeah, physical attraction is important to" ... should be "too."


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  • There's nothing wrong with it. Free online dating sites just suck. There's like 10 men for every woman so if you are even somewhat attractive your inbox gets bombarded with messages from people of a low caliber everyday. Thus causing the women not to respond be ause she becomes tiresome of going through all the nonsense crap messages she gets. I'd suggest trying a website you actually have to pay to use or just avoid dating sites all together.


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  • I'm going to be as harsh as possible. In some sense, your profile seems 'fine'. But 'fine' isn't working for you.

    A) non smokers will probably rule you out based on smoking. Smokers ... I don't know what they think of occasional smokers. WTF is an occasional smoker anyway?

    B) At first I assumed you were balding and that was why you had a hat on in every photo. then I realized one was just one of those visor things. Are the overhead lights that bright? Lose the damn hat.

    C) I'm not surprised you want to talk a lot to this theoretical girlfriend. GIven you mention no interests or friends, and from your photos, seem to rarely stray from your computer in your house.

    D) You know who looks best in photos on that type of camera? Nobody! Check out link

    You might, also on that blog though in a different post, be interested to know that women seem to respond best to men who aren't smiling or looking at the camera.

    A friend of mine who has had the best success with online dating suggests including photos of you out, having fun (not drunk) with a mixed gender group is good. It suggests you are good to hang around with and not a sad lonely serial killer dwelling alone in a basement.

    Beyond that, if its for an actual relationship, I'd mention what you enjoy and are passionate about. its what makes you interesting.

  • I think it's fine, hey, it definitely beats mine.


  • I think the pictures are really unflattering, don't wear baseball caps and look straight into the camera, not sideways.


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