Girls how can a guy tell if you're not interested or just in a bad mood?

Well I like this girl a lot and we used to text a lot. However last time I texted her she didn't text all excited like she used to. She didn't give one word responses but it felt like she was more distant. I decided to give her a little more space after that. What I'm wondering is if there's a way to tell if a girl is no longer interested in talking to you or in a bad mood from something else. How can I tell the difference?


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  • If she's not interested she will probably eventually just ignore your texts. She might be distant because she's either upset and wants you to ask her what's wrong, or she's playing hard to get. AND if you like this girl a lot just tell her, no harm if she's a decent girl she will be flattered either way

  • Ask her what's wrong and see how long she's in a bad mood for. The answer she gives and the amount of time it takes for her to get back to normal- if she gets back to normal- should answer your question. Woman can be confusing at times, eh?


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