Is he not interested in me anymore? please read someone :(

This guy I know moved away to Australia for 8 months at the beginning of this year. In all honesty we saw each other a few times before this, but only at friends parties etc. It was never established what went on between us. I never slept with him just to note.

During his time away, I did really miss him and as odd as it seems I became really friendly with his friends. One of them particularly reminded me of Andrew (the guy who moved to Aus) and as a result I liked him and we were seeing each other for a short time, but it didn't work out.

Anyway, this guy Andrew arrived home a coupl a weeks ago. He texted me instantly and wanted to know everything about what happened during his time away. We've met at a couple of parties and he's asked things like if I'd ever go out with him and that he'd like to start seeing me. He says it kind of bothers him a bit that I was seeing his friend, which I do feel bad about, it was mainly because I missed Andrew though and never thought he was truly interested to begin with.

Andrew is NOT a big texter though, and once he'd tested the waters a bit, the texting died down a bit.

I have kissed Andrew since his return. We've talked for hours and I've stayed overnight at his where we've cuddled all night. He even took my hand tightly in his on Saturday at a party in front of all our friends. He says he wants to earn my trust and even offered me to read all of his text messages. He's asked me to lunch this week as well and is going to pick me up and take me where I want to go.

Even though he arranged to meet me this Thursday, I texted him asking what the plans were and he never replied! so after him suggesting we meet mid-week, he never did it or even replied. I'm so confused because he's been dis[laying signs that he does like me, but how should I respond to this situation where he has failed to reply to my text?

I'm so wary though because Andrew has never had a girlfriend before. He's weird with girls and generally just doesn't make an effort or just hopes to sweet talk them into getting what he wants. He seems to be so genuine with me and I can tell he has his eyes on me every time I'm around his friends, he's watching. And smiling usually when I look to him. I feel as if he does want to be mine but I'm scared to believe him!

So, is this guy being genuine do you think? I would love to give him a chance, really! I know his past has been less than favorable at times but I see he's making changes and some effort for me, which I really appreciate. This texting thing has me severely doubting myself, am I over reacting because he didn't reply? Need an outside view.


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  • Did he meet you on Thursday for your date?

    If he didn't and he didn't respond to your text that's flakey and rude. That's a failure on his part and to me you would be completely justified in not seeing him again. If you want to give him another chance I would talk to him about what he did and how it made you feel and suggest another time. If he does it again then he can't keep a commitment or he's just rude. Don't see him anymore.

    If he just didn't text you don't worry about it. Stuff happens.If it's repeated then talk to him about it.

    • no, he failed to meet me. Even now I still haven't heard from him, which is really odd as we're supposed to have started 'seeing' each other. I'm gonna try texting him this week just in case something out of the ordinary caused him not to reply to me.

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    • i don't know, I'll see what the situation is with him because I can't be bothered with someone who is gonna be so flaky :/ fair enough if he'd got cold feet or whatever...that I'd accept.

    • Yeah that sounds smart. Hope everything works out well for you

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  • If your texting him and he doesn't respond say oh well no come back guess I'll go to bed do this whether you are or not and see what he says or does always remember
    that there usually one person who does all the texting while the other one is hanging on which is not fair to you

    • im not even all that big on texting myself! but the fact he offered to take me out sometime this week AND said he 'd text to keep me updated then never did it makes me feel so confused as he's seemed so interested lately, I just don't want things going to waste...again.

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    • I wish you good luck but hope you meet a great guy! As much as I would like to tell you that this guy your texting is the guy my heart keeps telling me to tell you to be careful with making any more moves with this guy! Your very welcome:)

    • thank you, best of luck to you, in general! could be waiting a good wee while haha! I will be careful, and thanks again :)!

  • I wouldn't worry about the texting. Maybe you should give him a call? If he likes you he will answer or call back. But, he's never had a girlfriend? How old is he?

    • hes 20! he's so confusing, he's been very kind for the past 2 weeks i.e wanting to spend time with me and talk to me and telling me how much he likes me yet he's completely ignored my text and I don't want him to slip away from me again, I'm glad to have him after so much time spent apart

    • Then give him a call :)

    • i feel clingy if I call, I hate running to guys so so stubborn ha ha :P

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  • I would have said you might be overreacting the first time, but a second time he didn't reply after suggesting it? That seems a little odd. Maybe you should talk to him in private some time..because it seems really weird that he would be so genuine when you guys are together but then not replying to plans made.


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