Date will have been delayed for a month...should I wait for her to confirm now?

I asked this girl out a few weeks ago for that weekend and she got back to me too late so I rescheduled with her. We're working all the time during the week so weekends are the only time we have. Since I was busy that next weekend, I told her the following weekend would be good. So when that weekend was coming up, I contacted her to confirm the details (I hadn't been in touch with her until then since rescheduling), she told me that she had family coming, but that she was really sorry and asked if the next weekend was okay. I said yeah.

So that means the date will have been delayed for a full month. While the time was settled on, the plan is for me to pick her up and I still need to get her address. The date's a week away and I'm wondering whether it should be up to me to check with her closer to the day what her address is (which serves as a reminder), or if I should wait for her to get to me and be like "are we still on?" The thing is that we both rescheduled on each other, so we're even so I'm thinking that it's still up to me.


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  • You again? Mate she isn't interested, trust me.

    • first time I posted this. You must be thinking of someone else.

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    • first time she made time, but I was busy. second time, I made time, but she was busy. so I don't see how that's putting me off.

    • Righto. Well good luck with that...

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