Guys, why would you talk to a woman a lot?

Texting very much but we are both shy. If I don't send a text worrying that it might annoy him if it's too often, then he sends one. It is everyday that we text. Is this a good sign for me? I like him and he knows it, but he was recently hurt but is still talking to me even though I told him I have a crush. I am confused but hopeful.


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  • Guys, talk to women either because they are really good friends or he's interested. In this case (uh oh here comes the bad part) you mentioned that he was just out of a relationship and he knows you like him. If he hasn't said he likes you yet, it's probably because he is looking for an ego booster (ie talking to someone who likes him) and you'll probably end up as a rebound. if he did say it, then he likes you!

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