Internet Boyfriend- what do you think?

I was on a dating site for a while just talking to guys for fun and to get opinions, I wasn't interested in meeting anyone or dating. Well this one guy I ended up giving my Yahoo username to chat with cause he didn't like using the site and at first he seemed just like every other guy, we talked, joked, traded pics, eventually he asked if we could meet and I put it off telling him I wasn't ready for a relationship. We can talk about ANYTHING together and its always fun..we've even told each other about the sexy fantasies we'd like to play out together.This guy was only home for summer and now lives in Montana for school but he still gets on Yahoo almost every night to talk to me even though I wouldn't meet him. HE IS SO PERFECT he calls me babe and tells me all the things he wishes we could do together..I like him a lot but I also feel like he should be finding a real girlfriend. WHAT do I do?! I don't want to "break up" with him I love talking to him but would it be for the best? WHAT DO YOU THINK?


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  • It is probably a fantasy and no one is perfect

    • haha cynical man. well duh it's a fantasy I am aware of that. I'm not claiming to love the guy or plan on moving to montana to be with him. he would be perfect for me though, because I accept him as he is I wouldn't change anything about him. I guess my question is vague, what I really want to know is- is it OK to keep up our fantasy relationship while it's just fun and friendship or is it hindering our real lives and possibilities of relationships?

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    • oh k. I have been talking to this guy for 4 months in the summer when he was in the same area we talked for hours every night and sometimes it got sexual prob once or twice a week but now that he's back in school we only get on long enough to say hi and ask about each others day before I have to tell him to go to sleep so he can pay attention in class. I do care about him enough to not interfere with his studies

    • Well maybe you two can meet someday?

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  • i had a similar situation.. and personally I say its a big no no.. internet is the internet, not real life, people will act a lot diferent and real. (sorry for the bad English)


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  • I was in something like this and had the whole best intentions thing in mind but the truth of the matter is he wouldn't keep talking to you with all the inconveniences in your relationship if the relationship you and him have didn't fill some void. You're chatting with him on the internet not sewing his eyes and mouth shut, I'm sure if a girl came along who's suited for him he will then be able to decide what he wants to do, lol you're not putting a hold on his life so just go for it.

    • thank you for your input! see I hope I'm not having any real effect on his potential at a real relationship, I do worry about it though cause he says 'i wish you were here' or 'you should just come here so I have a cool girl around' can I ask how yours ended? just curious.

    • It hasn't ended lol It gets rocky for a little when either of us get interested in someone but it just always seems we're more interested in each other but because the distance doesn't really allow us to really date and we understand that so we keep our options open not to mention we're friends before anything. I think being able to establish an emotional connection made everything better for us when we met. We're planning a reunion :)

    • aw that's cute actually! yea I know I'm not ever gonna meet him but I enjoy the conversations and friendship, I'm not too emotionally invested but I do care for him. its mostly just fun!

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