Etiquette for confirming dates?

He asked me out for a lunch date for Saturday. I told him yes and he said he will sort out the time and place. It's Thursday and I still haven't heard anything.

Is it because I already said yes he thinks there's no rush in letting me know? Or he simply is being rude?


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  • He probably thinks there is no rush.

    • So what is the etiquette for a guy to send the details to a girl? I know he asked few days ago and I said yes, but woudln't it still be considered as rude to give the details at the last minute?

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    • If you don't mind me asking. You waited til 10am to text the lady... was that because you were not into her?

    • No, it was because I hadn't booked a reservation until 9:30am Saturday morning.

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  • Just send him a text or call, start with a little conversation and then throw in "So are we still on for Sunday". After that I'm sure he'll lay out the details. Hope Your Date Goes Great!

    • If I have to cotact him to remind him of his own words guess it says he deosnt care

    • Thats not exactly true, I mean its Thursday he'll probably contact you tomorrow. I mean how do you know he's not thinking the same thing, maybe he thinks you don't care since you haven't mentioned it.

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