Best choice for first date?

Hey so I met this girl in a class, and she seems really great, we're both doing a similar program in University (History) and are interested in similar things. I'm a dating amateur, so I just need some basic help.

I came up with 3 different ideas for a first date, and am not sure which one would be best.

First I live in Ottawa Canada, so we've got the national parliament buildings here, they are beautiful and are on top of a hill with a great view, and coffee shops all around, I was thinking a visit there and coffee afterwards

Second, I know a lot of great parks around, and would love to take her on a walk through the park, and see where it goes after that

Third there is a war museum here, and since we both love history it's sure to make great conversation. It's free on Thursday evening but I wasn't sure if that would seem cheap or anything, If so I'd just go another day.

So which would be the best first date choice?


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  • I'd go with either you first idea, the parliament buildings, or the last one, the museum.

    Both means that conversation is less pressurized, if you're ever struggling for something to say you've got a direct reference point. It's stuff you know you're both into, but also allows for you to talk about other stuff too.

    Probably the first is slightly better seen as there are scenic views and coffee shops - but I'm sure there are places to sit and have a drink in the museum too - so either works.

    Good luck :)


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  • For the first date I'd choose the first one. This gives both of you more time for talking with each other.

    I would take the museum as a second date, and the view for when you feel like going in for the kiss.

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